Issues analysis indigenous people 2 essay

Indigenous Australians Indigenous Australians have inhabited Australia for over 40, years. They are the oldest living race of people in the world today and therefore deserve a special kind of respect and understanding as having very different beliefs about our world and their place in it.

Issues analysis indigenous people 2 essay

This paper therefore looks at the epidemiology of the state of health for the Aboriginal community, delving into the possible sociological reasons behind this increasingly deplorable condition.

We will write a custom essay sample on Health Issues in the Aborigines Culture or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER At the same time, a clearer perspective will be offered into the widening gap that is noted between the state of health for Aboriginal communities and that of other Australians further putting this into a social context.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statisticsthe Aboriginal community faces higher rates of ill health than any other group in Australia. From the estimate of an average ofAborigines in Australia, it is observed that when compared to other communities, this community faces enhanced problems of chronic illness and problems from cigarette smoking in addition to other health issues.

These include low birth weight accompanied by an infant mortality rate that is almost three times that of the national average; such a figure results to Other factors connected to low birth weight include that of an enhanced risk for consequent diseases during puberty and adulthood that may lead to neonatal death.

Low birth weight of the infant is associated with a slow growth rate and short pregnancy length, with Aboriginal women noted to have a Other issues noted in Aboriginal children include the prevalence of poverty among the members of this group thereby leading to ill-health and poor benefits especially for the young.

Issues analysis indigenous people 2 essay

In addition to a higher rate of low birth weight in Aboriginal women, their children also face a greater risk of malnutrition. The advantage of breastfeeding is noted during the early months, with this offering an additional defense against common infant diseases.

Other health problems faced by children include the prevalence of middle ear infection, consequently affecting the learning abilities of the child that may have speech and hearing problems. At the same time, the high rate of smoking among the Aboriginal community leads to a high exposure of the children to tobacco smoke during pregnancy and even after birth.

This then leads to the noted increase in the prevalence of respiratory disorders including asthma and other related ailments. Other diseases faced by pre-pubescent Aborigines include chest and throat infections as well as injuries from accidents.

Adult male Aborigines also face higher risks of accidental injuries as compared to non-aboriginal adult males. This increases their chances for hospitalization which is also enhanced by heart and chest diseases as well as digestive tract ailments. Aboriginal women similarly have higher rates of urinary and reproductive complications as compared to non-aboriginal women with the latter complications leading to strained pregnancy and births.

On an overall basis, members of the Aboriginal communities are twice as likely to be hospitalized as compared their non-aboriginal counterparts Australian Bureau of Statistics, These results from an enhanced susceptibility to injuries sustained during accidents as well as the aforementioned causes.

Diet and nutrition plays a major role in the state of health of the Aboriginal people. Before the influence of settlers who arrived in Australia, Aboriginal people were used to their hunter-gatherer lifestyles that incorporated the consumption of wild meats and fallow plants.

These customary foods were rich in nutrients, protein and carbohydrates, while also having limited supplies of sugars and fat.The effect of a modern society on health care provision to indigenous communities is also discussed, as well as the health issues facing these people such as high blood pressure, stress, drugs, alcohol and poor children’s health.

The Health of Indigenous Australians Essay; Due to that reason Indigenous people have profound effects on health and emotional wellbeing (Dudgeon , p.

Issues analysis indigenous people 2 essay

38). As per Parker (, p. Health Issues of Indigenous Australians Words | 10 Pages; Health and Wellbeing of Australian Indigenous People. Indigenous Issues Since I began this blog, I have endeavoured to create resources for people unfamiliar with specific aboriginal topics. I like to call them Indigenous Issue Primers, because they are introductions to topics you could spend a lifetime specialising in.

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(Results Page 3) View and download indigenous people essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your indigenous people essay. Nov 17,  · (Results Page 2) View and download indigenous people essays examples.

Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your indigenous people essay. Issues Analysis- Indigenous People As the British arrived on the land of the aboriginal people they hoped to absorb the aboriginal people into their culture to work in the new colony.

The aboriginal people tried to avoid the settlers but as the land became more occupied contact became unavoidable.

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