Marketing embraces functions linking company with customers needs

The phrase branded content has been tossed around in recent years with many people scratching their heads as to what it is. What is branded content?

Marketing embraces functions linking company with customers needs

This case talks about the dilemma of Campbell Soup Company who wants to change the packaging of their soups.

They want to change both the brand name and the packaging of their soup which was earlier available in tin cans. As a convenience goods producer, what marketing consideration do Campbell executives have to keep in mind Convenience goods are those that the customer purchases frequently, immediately, and with minimum effort.

Tobacco products, soaps, and newspapers are all considered convenience goods, as are common staples like ketchup or pasta. Convenience-goods purchasing is usually based on habitual behavior, where the consumer will routinely purchase a particular product. Some convenience goods, however, may be purchased impulsively, involving no habit, planning, or search effort.

These goods, usually displayed near the cash register in a store in order to encourage quick choice and purchase.

Marketing Considerations for Campbell executives: Pricing per item should be relatively low as consumers often see little value in shopping around since additional effort yields minimal savings.

They should attempt to distribute the soup in mass through as many retail outlets as possible. The number of potential customers in the market.

How concentrated or dispersed they are 5. How much each will buy in a given period 6. Costs associated with the practical side of the distributive operation e. What kind of distribution they want Do you think Campbell should market soup in a new container under a different brand name What options does the firm have No, Campbell should not market soup in a new container under a different brand name because their brand name is already trusted by lot of people and they may not be familiarized with the new brand name soon enough.

Secondly a change in can will be enough to attract the new generation because new generation already know about the soup but is not buying because of the extra effort that comes with the tin can.

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So a new can will be able to attract them. Other option with firm is to relaunch the soup as a new product and should keep the following in mind: Planning Among the key components included in a strong product launch plan: If existing customers encounter design flaws in the new product, they may forgive and forget particularly if their relationship with the company is strong enoughbut its unlikely new customers will feel the same way.

Preparedness reduces the risk that the companys credibility may be damaged by missteps at launch time. Also following should be used as companys marketing communications: Execution Before launching following questions should also be kept in mind: This is particularly important for customers who are not familiar with the product and in situations, such as those found in grocery stores, where a product must stand out among thousands of other products.

Marketing embraces functions linking company with customers needs

Packaging designs that standout are more likely to be remembered on future shopping trips. For instance, benefits can be obtained from package structures that make the product easier to use while stylistic designs can make the product more attractive to display in the customer??

For instance, a retailer may not accept packages unless they conform to requirements they have for storing products on their shelves.

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Smart packaging decisions can help reduce costs and possibly lead to higher profits. The costs involved in creating new packaging include: There should be proper spending on these factors.

In fact, changing a product?? Packages that are not easily bio-degradable could draw customer and possibly governmental concern.

Also, caution must be exercised in order to create packages that do not infringe on intellectual property, such as copyrights, trademarks or patents, held by others.

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Marketing embraces functions linking company with customers needs

Linking Activities to Vision and. Oct 02,  · Here are the companies with the best corporate social responsibility (CSR) reputations, based on a study by Reputation Institute, a private global consulting firm based in New York. Each function occurs every time a product or service is developed and sold.

Businesses provide many of the marketing functions.

Marketing Functions and How to Apply Them to Your Business

Consumers often take part in one or more of the marketing functions when they make purchases. Strategic Leadership and Decision Making. and Results for their Shareholders, skillfully linking their core values to their key constituencies and also saying something about what is important to the organization.

The key, , Inc., is a hospital company committed to meeting the needs of clients as an owner, manager, consultant or. * Can make the important difference to a marketing strategy by meeting customers needs better. * Packaging plays a key role in brand promotion and management.

Packaging is of great importance in the final choice the consumer will make, because it directly . Pescado was established in with the intention of delivering the right solutions to businesses, making sure we always kept it simple.

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