Washing dishes process essay

Tweet Do you really, really dislike washing dishes? Apparently most people do… how many times have you seen washing dishes listed as the one most hated household chore? I have a dishwasher, but it is often easier and now that I have a super energy-efficient dishwasher, much faster to wash dishes by hand. I am convinced that it is HOW you wash the dishes that makes the difference.

Washing dishes process essay

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. A month or so earlier, we had been travelling with Walter, the three of us in a car, taking in the stunning beauty of the Connemara landscape -- we totally bonded.

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I guess what is commonplace to some seems like a Washing dishes process essay hazard to others. His light-heartedness, which we so enjoyed, lingered even after he had left. It was marked by a great sense of mindfulness and presence, exemplified in the way he would clean the dishes after a meal.

This is the heart of mindfulness -- taking care to notice with specificity what is going on right in front of us, to the degree that the world in our periphery is affected by our quality of attention. Routine activities such as dishwashing are vulnerable places for losing mindfulness because they are relatively boring.

So one practice that can help bring mindfulness to life is doing some "mindful dishwashing. Doing things slowly and intentionally can come off as really "weird" in social environments, so dishwashing is a nice one, because you can do it at home, by yourself, where being "weird" is A-okay.

Diagnostic information:

If you are hand washing, is the drain board empty? If you live in a place with a water immersion, is there enough hot water? Notice the sensations of smell, feeling of warmth on your hands, sound of the water running. If you notice you are lost in thought, just notice that and come back to the sensations in the room.

Washing dishes process essay

Choose less oily dishes first, so the water stays cleaner longer. As you rinse each dish, give it a brief inspection to make sure oils and food residues have been thoroughly removed, then place gently into the drainboard.

If you notice you are lost in thought, just gently notice that, and come back to the dishwashing. Just this dish, these feelings, these smells and sounds. Rinse the edges of the sink and dump any food scraps that have collected near the drain. You have created something beautiful, congratulate yourself!

Start with once a week, and work your way up to once a day until mindful dishwashing is just a way of life.

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Always be kind to yourself when taking on a new practice, and never force anyone else to participate in your weird mindfulness things, no matter how great you think they are.

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