Writing a letter of complaint to the nhs budget

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Writing a letter of complaint to the nhs budget

But I dont think jumping the gun is the best situation. You have not stated if you live in UK or US. I dont know where to begin to be honest, you have highlighted alot of things.

The first thing to probably say is that dealing with a sick child and worried parent is extremely difficult for the very reasons that you have highlighted in that there is a communication barrier with a young child.

As I dont know what was said, you need to have a chat with your GP or the Practice manager to highlight your concerns and ask for an explanation or clarification, and tell them that you are not happy with this situation. If you are not happy with this then you would ask to be referred to the complaints department.

The second reason is that the majority of infections in young childre especially under 5's are viral illness' which do not respond to antibiotics, ear infections especially unless it is otitis externa. To be honest with you this sounds like a clear cut viral illness bug as you call it which he has had for 2 days now, he will probably have it for another week or 2, and will resolve itself.

The story you have stated is a typicall one and the icing on the cake is having to wait for the appointment. Finally I think you should make an appointment for yourself as you sound stressed and very upset, and it may be that you are having difficulty coping.

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I think after you have had time to think through this you will realise that you have been very stressed by this. To be fair to the GP, you must remember the difficulty in assessing a patient within 5 minutes, as forced by the government to reduce waiting times, and as mentioned before the difficulty in dealing with a worriend parent as well.

There is nothing in your story to highlight any serious life threatening events in your son at present and considering from your GP' experience who feels this is viral, apart from paracetemol there is not really much else that could have been done.

I known you feel that antibiotics should have been given, but who would the prescription have helped; your son or you. Just remember if the docotor is in the wrong just remember we are human as well, suffer severe stress and make mistakes as well.

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But to brush a single doctor with a certain brush and assume they are bad on your one experience isnt a fair thing to do. Just remember your doctor is a trained professional with years of experience. But if you are really unhappy about this then as I said formally complain to the practice manager, who will investigate the situation.

I hope everything works out for you. If you write a letter like joy has advised, you will not only appear to be rash and quick to jump the gun.

But you will permanently damage your doctor patient relationship and may end up being removed from the practie list.

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If I had a letter like joys below, i would think that she was a child herself and thinks that going to the doctors is like popping to the supermarket and can just demand what she wants and when she wants it.

Doctors are providing a public service and I dont think that even a bad doctor is inconveniencing someone. I am a hospital doctor.Complaint letter - neighbour 14 gaps testing letter-writing phrases and tenses in complaint to landlord about a difficult neighbour.

Dear sir: Write a good letter of complaint and you could get the response you want. Complaint letter writing is the best resort to address your personal concerns to rectify certain situations. It could be an effective means of communication to settle any kind of . Nov 22,  · Best Answer: Try saying in the letter: To the Doctor, I know how busy you are but I think its time you change your bedside manner and taking a more cautious look at how you are examing your kaja-net.come of your noncompassionate attitude you made my child suffer longer than he had kaja-net.com: Resolved.

Advice on writing a complaint letter Be brief. Try to keep your complaint to no more than two pages so that your main points do not get lost in a long letter. RE: NHS Complaint – Complainant name, Date of Birth I am writing to complain about the treatment I received at [place where treatment was received] on [date of incident/period of treatment].

If you want help writing a complaint letter you might want to take a look at Write Express ® who have a large section called "How to write a complaint letter that gets results!.

Although Helen's visit to the hospital is not directly connected to the Children Services it was the cause of their involvement and so Dave finally decides to complain to the hospital.

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writing a letter of complaint to the nhs budget

Dear sir: Write a good letter of complaint and you could get the response you want.

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